Volkswagen Cleaning Up In US Diesel Car Market

While automakers Ford, GM, Chrysler and most Japanese marques are still living in the fantasy that Americans don’t want diesel cars, Volkswagen has been proving otherwise in a big way. Coming on stronger than ever in the past two years with their TDI Clean Diesel engines, they have been expanding the number of models available with them.

As of today you can get the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta Sedan, Jetta SportWagen, and Touareg SUV with diesel power. And the punch line? People are buying them in droves. Volkswagen tells us that an astonishing 86% of all Jetta SportWagens sold in America this year have been TDI models. 29% of Jetta Sedan buyers are optioning the clean diesels too.

Adding to the sales charts is the all new redesigned Golf which got a refreshed exterior and interior for 2010. Also new this year is the availability of the 2.0 liter TDI option in the Golf, to which a healthy 41% of buyers have chosen. The Golf TDI comes with a unique level of features an options which put in on the same plane with the sporty GTI model including special leather interior upgrades, sport suspension and alloy wheels.

Also new to the Touareg in the past year is a smaller and less expensive TDI option than the previous twin-turbo V-10 that pushed  $80-90,000. The more frugal V6 TDI offered today provides plenty of power and offers mpg ratings in the mid-twenties for highway driving. Volkswagen reports that 31% of all Touaregs sold so far this year are TDI’s.

What the numbers prove beyond a shadow of a doubt is that Americans do indeed appreciate diesel cars no matter what the marketing people at all the other brands seem to believe. The combination of new clean diesel technologies and proven efficiency have made diesels much more drivable and livable today than even those of 5-10 years ago.

While other manufacturers continue to debate and deny the popularity of a diesel engine option for us here in the States, no question to folks at Volkswagen don’t mind at all. Seeing dramatically improved sales so far in 2010, they have their TDI models to thank. 

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