Uber Diesel: Hartge BMW H35d

Hartge, long time tuner of BMW’s has turned their attention to the 5-Series Diesel. They have been showing off their hotted up H35d to the media of late. With some of the expert tuning, they have coaxed 354 hp from the 535d.

Hartge added 54 hp to the already powerful 300 hp twin-turbo-diesel with some electronic boosting. Suspension is lowered about an inch and Hartge adds a set of 21” wheels to really trick up the look. Carbon fiber trim on the mirrors, silver graphics and some Hartge emblems round out the look.

Inside, Hartge adds a a sport steering wheel with carbon fiber trims, aluminum pedals, stainless-steel sill plates and a few other goodies as well. A high flow exhaust with dual polished tips is said to have a genuinely sporting rasp that is said to belie the diesel engine under the hood.

The power boost and suspension mods contribute to 0.5 seconds from its 0-62 mph time. While that might not alone be impressive, the changes in the feel, sound and soul are remarkable in total. While the Hartge H35d is not likely to be available stateside at your local BMW dealer anytime soon, the 535d will be by next year. And you can surely get with Hartge and see what kind of parts they can ship you for yours here in the States.


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