2018 Ford Expedition Specs and Review

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The tighter competition makes one hard to choose which car to buy. Every automaker is releasing their newest model to be presented in the dense market. The old friend Ford seems like they do not want to be left out. This year, this legendary automaker released 2018 Ford Expedition to enrich the list of newly released car in 2017. Ford is an old player in automotive industry and fans expect them to make a breakthrough with this model edition. Here are some details of the much-expected car.

Ford Expedition Engine Specification

2018 Ford Expedition

The transformed car is powered with V6 EcoBoost turbocharged engine with capacity of 3.5 liters. The engine is coupled with 10 automatic rotated transmissions. With such specification, the 2018 Ford Expedition can jet on the road smoothly and seamlessly. Smooth driving is also reassured with four-wheel drive and limited slip rear technology. Considering Ford cutting the size of the car from the predecessor, Ford is making a revolution by making the car more speedy and crisp in drive. The specific engine or version has not been released yet by Ford.

Ford Expedition Exterior and Interior

There are many changes drastically applied to this newest Ford Expedition. The original pick up body is transformed and trimmed into SUV. The aluminum body is shining and luxurious, abandoning the Ford earthly appearance. Having rigid looks and higher beltline, the appearance gives assurance and solid built feel to the car, which means the car successfully attracted the market with such built. The overall weight of the car is only 300 pounds. Considering the wheel is bigger than normal SUV, the 2018 Ford Expedition is quite light.

2018 Ford Expedition

As for the interior, Ford once again proved that the new Expedition is up to date to technology. The car has eight passengers capacity with each seat has comfortable leg room. The storage is pretty much well designed with the stacked type of cabin that has upper selves for stuff while the bottom is for trash. It has wide screen of navigation and coupled with entertainment feature as well. It has WiFi that can be connected to up to 10 devices. The passenger can charge their phone in their own seat since each seat is coupled with socket to charge up to 12 volts. The 2018 Ford Expedition pretty much is a good choice for camping with passenger still has the privilege of entertainment.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the car definitely have many to be mentioned. The pros are that the car has many up to date features and also well built. The car also provided with many kinds of wheel that make the car also modifiable. The implanted technology is also good for those who want to take the car for camping. As for the cons of 2018 Ford Expedition is that Ford changed the model drastically that some old fans may lose the appeal of the new Expedition compared to the old one. That is all about the specification, review, as well as the plus and minus of the newly released Ford Expedition.