2018 Holden UTE Review, Release Date

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UTE vehicle is one of the stylish cars which has unique body. Although it has cargo, it is different from pick-up truck. UTE vehicle has a cargo tray that integrated with passenger body in the rear while pickup truck’s cargo tray is not. However, it is difficult to find this kind of car. The one and only UTE vehicle that sells in market are 2018 Holden UTE. Actually, this is not the actual UTE but it is kind of Commodore sedan which uses UTE as its base. What will be in this new car? Here is the 2018 Holden UTE Review!

2018 Holden UTE Review

After the long comeback, the new 2018 Holden UTE brings fresh look. Some expect that it will be built with GM’s global E2 platform so that it becomes the light vehicle ever. Moreover, there are some new features that support the best performance for this only UTE in this market. From the exterior, there are also some upgrades. It will have a broad grille with a winged strip. This look is also completed with slim and sleek headlights on both sides. Then, the IntelliLux LED Matrix technology is also built for both headlights that make it more stylish. From some 2018 Holden UTE review, it has narrowed front bumper that has small openings.

For the next 2018, Holden UTE review is from the interior. It will get the great combination of European design and the advanced technology. This combination brings the more luxurious look and upscale appearance. It has a dashboard which will be redesigned with the tremendous 8 inch of touch screen that is compatible for smartphone. Moreover, to avoid the sound outside it has well-insulated cabin which will let you enjoy the more peaceful journey.

2018 Holden UTE Review

There is also some modification for the hood. In some 2018 Holden UTE reviews stated that there is three possibility for engine power. For the first, the new Holden UTE will be built with 2.0 liter of turbo diesel with 4 cylinder diesel engine. Second, the higher version is also expected which is 3.6 liter of V6 engine that has 308 hp. Also, 6.2 liter with V8 engine is also possible to build in with 407 hp and 570 Nm of torque. With this specification, it is also expected to have 9-speed automatic transmission. To make it more incredible, it has more security and safety features which are lane departure warning, rear cross traffic, and automatic energy. There is a possibility for additional safety features.

2018 Holden UTE Release Date

However, there is no official update yet for price and date release. Some predicted that 2018 Holden UTE will be announced the releasing date at the end of the year. The date does not fix yet. In some 2018 Holden UTE review, they also cannot predict how much the price of this new Holden UTE is. If you want to get this one and the only UTE, you can wait and see the official statement about price and release date.