2018 RAM 1200 Review and Release Date

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While people are getting hyped up, there is another brand that is rising to popularity. One of the lineups that are rising to the ground with their impressive lineup is RAM 1200. RAM 1200 is a series of the pickup truck that is specifically targeted to Middle East market. The brand keeps expanding outside the USA and soon may top over old players. In this 2018 RAM 1200 review, we will see what is brought by this new vehicle as well as other aspects of the specification, price, and release date. Let’s check the review out.

Specification of the New 2018 RAM 1200

The engine powered the car is 2.5 liter capacity of turbo diesel engine which has four chambers and can produce 126 horsepower on base tune and extended to 134 horsepower in high yielding tune. It is also coupled with six automatic transmissions that can make your driving more crisp and speedy. Even though the horsepower is not much, the power it can yield to tow stuff is up to 6600 pounds. The engine may have variation depend on RAM decision later. The fuel economy score is predicted to be an economical considering the engine it has as well as the market it is targeted to Middle East market.

2018 RAM 1200

Interior and Exterior of the New 2018 RAM 1200

The interior of the car comes with luxurious leather seats and glamorous black color. The instrument display comes with 4.3 inches. As for the entertainment purpose, it has 8-inch screen sitting comfortably on the dashboard. The rear seats have spacious leg room but the front seats are less spacey. The safety features include automatic parking, airbag, rear camera, and pedestrian warning. What included in this 2018 RAM 1200 review, not much can be revealed due to the fact that the release date is not announced yet.

2018 RAM 1200

The exterior of the car is not so different from the previous version with polished aluminum as the material. The look of the car also more sophisticated with more defined grille and sleeky paint over the raw material. The headlamps are designed to give the pickup a more bold and fierce look. The cabin is slightly wider in ratio with the two box compared to another model. The body is also a little bit slimmer than the previous version. The material is conditioned to be well adjusted to climate as most Middle East climate may need a more endurable car.

 Release Date and Price

The pickup truck is predicted to be released in the late 2017 or mid-2018. There is no specific date yet announced by the company so may as well wait until it gets rolled out on the market. As for the price, it ranges around $30,000 can be less or more depending on the specific price given by the automaker. It also has no news whether it will be released in the USA as well. That is all about 2018 RAM 1200 review and specification and the predicted release date & price as well.