2018 Ram Power Wagon

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While most pickup always has dual priority, between off-road or family city ride, the 2018 Ram Power is harder. It prioritizes more on the off-road with rougher, stronger, dominant engine and builds for the hardcore lover. Some even say it is intimidating, unlike the Jeep Scrambler that somehow has a friendly look. It may be the ideal vehicle for people who want to be extravagant. Ready for the coarse sandy desert or the rocky highlands area, this vehicle can still be moving forward at the 45o angle. Copying on how the tellers say it, how will you place your mark in the outdoor?

2018 Ram Power Wagon Design

Seeing the Ram Power Wagon design, it seems it will appear more hostile, boxy, and sporty, that has uni-body platform. It is designed to be a flexible pickup than the last series. It may have a 17-inch wheel that is painted black, for a different feel of any other vehicle. There are distinct off-road tires as well, for nature daily visitor. The grille is larger, painted black also, and having a RAM logo glued to it. The headlight will be black as well that double function as LED light. Having a nice-looking body of the vehicle, you may impress your car by the outlook. But beware of the fancy insides and under as well.

2018 Ram Power Wagon

Going in for the cabin interior, it has simple design and passenger-friendly cabin. The chairs are using Diesel Gray textile just like the tire-tread design from the tire Goodyear Wrangler Dura Trac. All the leather used is covered in Power Wagon Logos, fit for the fans. The window may have fully tinted, it has additional compass, a small insert vinyl door, a leather covered all black steering wheel, keyless entry, and cruise control. The coil-sprung front and rear live axles with softer spring provide a comfy inside while riding through the off-road. All of these may give off-road experience like in the asphalt, just a little bit bumpy.

2018 Ram Power Wagon Engine

Opening up the hood, the engine seems like it has the most upgrade. HEMI Engine has premium unleaded of 6.4 liters V8 strong with 410 horsepower at 5600RPM, meanwhile, the torque is having 430 PD-ft at 4000 rpm. The towing capacity may have up to 10.000 pounds. The transmission may have 8-speed automatic for the high-speed adventure lovers.  It has the standard 12,000 lb Warn winch, electronic disconnection front anti-roll bar, and electronic diffs. The Bilstein shock breaker may save you from any land nausea out of the rocky rides. Features like having a throttle sensitivity are dialed back to maximize crawling activity by idle rpm raising from 650 to 750.

2018 Ram Power Wagon Price

For the release in between late 2017 or early 2018, the Ram Power Wagon can be an option for you. The base price is set on $ 53,015, probably because of the fancy upgrades with less option, since it is already built nicely. Just like a person, this vehicle may look like a businessman of a few words but the ones that get things done. Is that you?