Back To The Future Truck Review

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Back To The Future Truck

DeLorean Motor Company will re-release the DMC-12, a sports car known for its Back To The Future Truck in 1985. Cars with standard wing-like side doors or Gullwing were modified by Doc Brown which is played by Christopher Lloyd into a time machine. Like Marty McFly’s Nike shoes whose rope can bind it, the DMC-12 becomes a pop culture icon, just like Back to The Future Truck. Launched from Screenrant, during this DeLorean can only update the old DMC-12 and can not produce new cars, due to legal problems.Given a modification of the law on the production of cars in small quantities, eventually, DeLorean could re-produce DMC-12. DeLorean CEO Stephen Wynne announced that production would be made in Texas.

Wynne says their target is to be able to make the first Back To The Future Truck production by 2017. Next, cut production time from one car each month to one car per week. Although the new DMC-12 will be shaped like the original, Wynne says there could be changes on the internal side. The price will range in USD100 thousand. Quoted from the Autozone, the 1980s version of the DMC-12 had a SOHC V6 engine with a capacity of 2,849 ccs. Although the engine is large, the power generated is only 130 horsepower. The performance of Back to The Future Truck is claimed to reach 8.5 seconds to reach speeds of 60 miles per hour (96.6 kilometers per hour). But the results of the Autozone test revealed the time required in the actual conditions reached 10.5 seconds. The Back to The Future Truck peak speed is claimed to be 130 miles per hour (209 km per hour), while the actual condition test results reach 109 miles per hour (175 km per hour) only.

The real story that maybe no body knows

Back To The Future Truck

DeLorean name is the name of the founder of this company, John Z. DeLorean. He is a former executive of General Motors (GM) who left the automotive company in 1973.Eight years later, on January 21, 1981, DeLorean produced DMC-12 for the first time. This sports car is sold for $ 20 thousand, or worth about USD54 thousand for the current size. There are also versions of 24-carat gold plates sold for USD85 thousand.Poor financial management puts the company at the edge of bankruptcy. John DeLorean was splurging with his company’s money, although the DMC-12 was not a big deal. Market absorption for this product is bad. For five years, DMC-12 only sold 8,583 units.

In 1982, the DeLorean company was closed, while John DeLorean was arrested on charges of selling cocaine. Although ultimately declared innocent, it was too late for DeLorean to save his own company.He died in March 2005. Although DeLorean Motor Company founded and led eventually went bankrupt and was bought by another party, he has a gold ink incision for automotive history. While still serving as a senior executive at General Motors, he helped create the Pontiac GTO, one of the first modern muscle cars in the 1960s.