Chevy 2500 Towing Capacity and Specification

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Chevy or Chevrolet is American the most famous automaker that has released many types of vehicle. Ranging from the crossover to truck, Chevrolet is known for its sturdy and reliable performance representing the western wilderness. One of its famous variants is Chevrolet 2500. Chevy 2500 is a sturdy one known for its impressing toeing towing capacity. Not only Chevy 2500 towing capacity that is impressive but the whole specification also raises excitement. If you are interested to get a Chevy 250 and want to see the specification, see the description below.

Chevy 2500 Interior and Exterior Design

Chevy 2500 Towing Capacity and SpecificationChevy 2500 is a heavy duty truck designed for heavy works with good persistence on difficult situation. This Chevrolet truck comes with the sturdy and solid design of crew cab body. The exterior of the truck is softened by the uplifted front design and shiny color. What interesting about the car beside the heavy Chevy 2500 towing capacity is interesting but the body of the truck can be said as squarish as it has clear edges despite the trendy curvy trend. It makes the truck looks bulkier yet also reliable.

For the interior of the car, Chevrolet balances the need of high endurance material with stylish and elegant look to match the current era. Chevrolet 2500 comes with simple yet with elegant black leather seat and dashboard and good leg room. The wide front window allows driver to have full front view without being covered by the thick front bumper. The truck has the capacity of four passengers with more room for the front seat and a crew cab container with huge capacity to balance the Chevy 2500 towing capacity for storing stuff that is being towed. The car is not as heavily equipped with high technology as other variants of the car but it has the basic functionality and has good controlling system.

Chevy 2500 Engine Specification

Chevy 2500 Towing Capacity and SpecificationFor a heavy duty truck, it is a must to be built with engine that has high endurance as well as performance. Chevy 2500 is coupled with 6-speed automatic transmission of V6 engine with four wheels drive. The Chevy 2500 towing capacity is enough to tow heavy materials with capacity around 22,000 and more. The number is not far impressive than others but Chevrolet high endurance makes the car far more reliable than any other auto makers. It has 380 of torque at 4200 rpm which is an impressive number. The engine can produce 360 horsepower that is obviously more powerful than regular car as it has to have towing capability.

Chevy 2500 Price and Date Release

Since Chevrolet 2500 is designed for heavy duty and has higher performance with domestic car, the price is obviously higher due to its specification. However, for a crew cab in its class, Chevrolet 2500 is still considered in the medium price. For the one without leasing, the price of Chevy 2500 is around $43,000 and $47,000 if using leasing from dealer. Price is worth the Chevy 2500 towing capacity and its specification. Price may vary depends on the market.