Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg Fuel Economy Air Dam

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg Fuel Economy Air Dam

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg is released with an air dam that can affect the car’s fuel economy. Chevy’s air dam is installed right beneath the front bumper. It is functioned as a device to boost the car’s fuel economy; however, there is a problem. The problem that comes with the air dam is that it can scratch the tops of some taller parking blocks. That is why some people decided to remove it. Now, the question is: is the removal affect the car’s performance and its fuel economy? There are many people who have tried to see the result of this removal process. Here is one of them.

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg Air Dam Benefits

Before you also decide to remove the air dam to avoid scraping or scratching, here are some thoughts for you. The air dam is a significant device in Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg because it is beneficial to fuel economy, said the Colorado Chief Engineer. The company has been focusing solely on the air dam because they know that airflow is important. The air which flows within the car, around the fenders, the lamps, the hood, and the roof, air dam plays an essential role in it. The Chief Engineer said that it may be okay to remove the air dam, but there will be a significant change to the car’s fuel economy. The estimated change shows the fuel economy will go down to 1 mpg if the air dam is removed.

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg for Off-Road

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg is suitable for off-road, but its air dam is not. The company designed the air dam as a detachable device, which means that it can be taken off anytime you want. When the car is used for off-road, it is recommended to remove the air dam, as it says in the manual. But here comes the news, the air dam is not that easy to remove, The Chief Engineer said it will require some works to remove it, so you got to try harder!

Beware of overheating!

Overheating is a serious car problem! the cause of this problem can be anything, including the removal of air dam in Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg. Since air dam’s function is to make sure the air flow properly throughout the car, removing it means you are open to an improper airflow. The bad news is, an improper airflow is one of the causes of overheating! Removing the air dam will cause an improper airflow, which later will damage the car’s engine. That is why you probably shouldn’t remove the air dam.

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg

Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg: Fuel Economy vs Off-Road

The car can be used for Off-Road, but to do it you must remove the air dam. However, removing air dam can cause engine damage. This may be clear for some of you that you can only choose one option: fuel economy. The Chevy Colorado Diesel Mpg may be created to achieve the fuel economy king so that it can become the most efficient car on the road. The company has invested so much to the air dam and must compromise its abilities for Off-Roading to realize the fuel economy option.

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