Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity & Specs

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Have you gone out with your friends and family lately? If so, then maybe you should try something new. Try to go out to the places you and you family has never been before. Go camping, or hiking over went to the mall, for instance? That would be fun, right? But, if you want to go camping and hiking, you would need a vehicle that has a big towing capacity. Talking about the best towing capacity, our mind is directly thinking to the one and only Chevy Colorado towing capacity. The Chevy Colorado is the favorite and best-in-class towing limit among normal size pickups, however, what definitely would you have the capacity to pull with the Chevy Colorado towing limit?

Chevy Colorado Specs

To know about the Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity here is some information that you need to know about the inside of Chevrolet Colorado.

Chevy Colorado towing capacity

Basically, there are 3 engine options that mounted under the hood. Of course, each engine will boost different horsepower and it will cause the towing capacity as well. The first model, the entry-level of Chevrolet Colorado uses a 2.5-liter 4-cyinder engine that boosts at least 180 horsepower. The towing limit is approximately 3.500 lbs. This one is quite strong and has great cab. The accessible Cab Configuration is including the Extended Cab/Long Box, Crew Cab/Short Box.


Chevy Colorado towing capacityAnother trim level is the one that uses 3.6 liter V6 under the hood. This one brings more horsepower and more towing capacity. The towing limit is 7.000 lbs, which is very impressive for people that use truck for the manufacture. And you will get accessible Cab Configuration such as the Extended Cab/Long Box, Crew Cab/Short Box, and also the Crew Cab/Long Box.



Chevy Colorado towing capacityLast but not least, the best-in-class trim level uses Duramax 2.8 liter Turbo-diesel. It boosts more power but consumes less fuel. Thanks to its direct injection system that can save the fuel consumption. The towing limit is 7.700 lbs, which is the biggest in this class.

As it has been mention above, it is pretty clear that Chevy Colorado has the best towing capacity. Let’s say, their most extraordinary towing of the Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity is 7,700 pounds when joined with the available Tow/Haul Mode. Nevertheless, what does that mean absolutely? While making sense of what you can tow with your Colorado, you should consider a collection of components. You ought to consider the weight of explorers, trailer weight, and payload weight before making sense of what your Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity. That being expressed, towing earth bikes, somewhat camper or a little vessel should be a completely simple win for your truck.

It can likewise be had in two cab outlines; the extended or the gathering taxi and with two engine choices either 3.6L gas V6 or a 2.8L turbo-diesel I4. Its front fire cook and monitor have been moved up to allow a significantly more essential approach plot for shake crawling. This in like manner changed the breeze stream into the radiator and lessened the measure of cooling potential. A reliable turbo-diesel Chevy Colorado Towing Capacity is evaluated at a most outrageous of 7,700 lbs. This is an extraordinary decreasing in towing capacity; yet it is adequately still to bring a little RV trailer, a little vessel, or a couple of earth bikes close by you.