The Fall Guy Truck Specs & Review

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The Fall Guy Truck

Now I’m going to describe The Fall Guy Truck here. It is a Lexington comic and toy convention. Let’s take a look, so we have a The Fall Guy Truck replica. Here is 81 GMC K 2500 of the pickup as we look around here, start the print this fresh guard assembly custom made by our automotive collisions students. Originally was a worn transformer system that is no longer available now in the early 80s, it is very common for this truck which is a warrant 80 to 74 lights, and you will see on the grill guard along with the lights on the road bar.

Around lens, you will see our modified pieces from summit racing the super off roader pieces are no longer the leader of the lines up on the top rectangular. Those are the CV lights again, it is very common in the 70s and 80, and they are original pieces about it as well all the lights do work everything on The Fall Guy Truck does function the hood decal to see is a reproduction and so these were hand painted in the television series they were not decals at that time so artists wouldn’t hand paint those but ours the decal and we were lucky enough to find a gentleman that did reproduce those laid that out. All the bright work that you see on the truck chrome trim Gompers windshield reveal lock strips and all those types of things we were working on IMC truck and they were very generous to us to donate and install that leather strip and bright work on The Fall Guy Truck wheels.

The original tires of The Fall Guy Truck were Dixie Peck gun, those have been discontinued and updated the wheels are 16 by ten chrome spokes custom built by Stockton wheel out of California. The same craftsman technician that made the wheels for the jump trucks on the original TV series built these same wheels here so whenever I call stock when they can fix me up. This pit all the specs for those same wheels use it back in the early of 80s for the jump trucks. The shocks are also custom built drive shafts by cats truck and trailer Vincennes Indiana in the truck he has a ¾ ton truck friend as a general motors a GM 10 bolt open differential for ten years rear is a 10 a half inch 14 bolt open differential with 14 years as well we have a stock 350 four-barrel under the hood.

The Fall Guy Truck

 The transmission is a turbo 400 automatic transfer case is the new process 208 all components have been rebuilt by the students at Vincennes University. All the paintwork that has been seen on the truck is the custom metal work done by the students also in Vincennes University automotive and collision. Inside the truck, the interior of the truck was put together a stock as we could put it again. The student did all the repairs in there, other than the seat was reupholstered by Rice’s trim and upholstery in Washington Indiana.