Ford’s First Hybrid Pickup Truck

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Hybrid Pickup Truck

As the technology disrupts the automotive industry, the hybrid pickup truck is now a real thing. We used to know that it was impossible to bring the luggage with hybrid engine. Even the diesel engine is not enough for towing and hauling. But now, everything is very different. Almost all auto manufactures start to introduce the first prototype of pickup truck with electric engine. Just like Ford, that starts to introduce the first variant of electric truck that, as they promise, would be the best pickup truck in the future because it uses electric engine that will not cause harmful effect on the environment.

The rumor said that there will be 13 variant of hybrid pickup truck that would be tested in this year. So far, only a few people that managed to get the spy sot of 2017 Ford F150 hybrid model. There would be 2 different options for the automotive enthusiasts in the USA. The first is the full hybrid truck that use electric battery to produce the energy. Meanwhile the second is the plug-in hybrid model. The last one would be equipped with gasoline V-6 engine that would be the main motor for the truck. So, it is interesting to finally see one of these trucks in the street.

Specification Review

Some people expect V-8 engine as the company of the electric engine. But we think that it is not something you see under the hood. People predict that Ford will use the 4-cyl engine to accompany the electric battery. We know that Ford has EcoBoost engine; it is a brand new system that put in every Ford’s flagship model. So, it could be 2.3-liter EcoBoost that capable to produce at least 300 horsepower with 320 lb –ft of torque. When it comes to the transmission, our expert predicts that it would be 10-speed automatic transmission that could be set in manual when it needed.

Hybrid Pickup TruckUnfortunately, we could not find the information about the towing capacity, gas mileage rating, or any other information regarding this hybrid pickup truck. Plus, you will not see this truck on the authorized dealership soon because it is still in the development stage. One of Ford’s chairman members said that maybe, they will release the new Ford F150 Hybrid truck in 2019. So, it is still far away. But even though we don’t know what it is, the brand new electric truck from Ford is worth to wait.

When it comes to the features, it seems that the new hybrid pickup truck from Ford would get the same features with the F150 truck that released this year. This truck offers great features and sophisticated options that will help you to achieve the different taste of driving. For the auto fans in the Europe, they would be happy because Ford will release this truck in the UK and most Europe. Now, let’s just wait and see what Ford prepare for their loyal fans around the world. It could be the next generation hybrid pickup truck in the future.