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How to Prevent the Ford EcoBoost Problems

Sunday, October 8th, 2017 - DIESEL NEWS

How to Prevent the Ford EcoBoost Problems

Ford Ecoboost problems

They say that ‘it would be better to prevent than tackle the Giant.’ It seems that this phrase is related to what we are about to read. Many customers are used Ford about the problem on the EcoBoost model. But, one question that pops up in my mind right now, is it 100% pure fail of Ford or is it just one of those ways to gain insurance claim? We would not discuss the good and the bad man on the Ford Ecoboost problems. Let’s focus on how to prevent all of these problems before it hits you in the hood, and makes your car worthless on the market.

Ford Ecoboost problems

How to Prevent Ford Ecoboost Problems

Fact that you should know about Ford’s EcoBoost is that this engine is pure genius. The engine is a turbocharged model that uses direct injection system that will blast more power without absorbing too much fuel. The inside of the combustion is just the pump air. That way, the engine will push back the air to the engine to produce explosion and boost the horsepower. That what makes Ford called it as EcoBoost. It is eco-friendly and producing more power than the regular turbocharged model.

Now, this is a few tips to prevent the Ford Ecoboost problems occur on your favorite vehicle.

Update the Software

The all-new EcoBoost engine is integrated with such a software that will monitor the condition of the engine. Sometimes, you need to re-flash the software in order to solve the buck. But you can do it by yourself. You need reliable mechanic to perform this thing. You can go to the certified dealer in your town to check the software to monitor the ignition, the vacuum, and also the transmission shift.

Use High-Quality Fuel

Some people don’t stick with just one type of fuel. It makes the engine need to adapt to the new fuel. The high-quality fuel will not let any residue on the intake that could leave stain and damage the turbine in a long term. Make sure that you use the same type of fuel in the long run so the engine will not struggle with the adaptation process.

Oil-change Interval

It is important to change the oil on a regular basis. Make sure that you don’t use worn-out oil that will bring crucial effect on the chain and other parts. Also, you need to use high-quality oil that is not only keeping the engine works, but also maintaining its performance in the long run. That way, you will not overcome any Ford Ecoboost problems just like what people did.

Use the Genuine Parts

It is also crucial to use the genuine parts from the certified dealership. I know that the genuine parts will drain your savings. But in the long run, it will keep your Ford EcoBoost performance. You should understand that it is not just the regular engine, but it has hi-tech system that connects with other parts of the car. That’s how you prevent any Ford Ecoboost problems in the future.

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  • Ford Ecoboost problems
  • Ford Ecoboost problems
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