While most pickup always has dual priority, between off-road or family city ride, the 2018 Ram Power is harder. It prioritizes more on the off-road with rougher, stronger, dominant engine and builds for the hardcore lover. Some even say it […]

People in the USA may have shifted their attention to utilizing car. Not only having standard SUV, but also owning a truck for the daily working load. The Ford even sells more than the passenger vehicles for 820,000 units in […]

The Wrangler that has been expected every year, now giving the fans, a new line up called the Scrambler. Some say it is the new version of the Wrangler. However, this year the Wrangler already release the 2018 version. So, […]

There are different types or Rams in the industry, may there be from ford, or still in the group of FCA, the styling and upgrades are different too. Don’t confuse them with the Dodge Ram 1500 Concept of 2018. It […]

Just like how the usual Nissan Frontier, it has a muscular and boxy design for a powerful and strong appeal of the pickup truck. The model is covered and built from high strength steel and aluminum, that even though it […]

In 2018 pickup trucks options are increasing fast, either it is from the red sun country or one of the American classic. Chevrolet has made names along the way to be one of the competitive automobile brands, in this case, […]

Riding through the west coast with the new and upgraded Chevy El Camino, that has been a legend since 1959. The Chevy El Camino has any resemblance to the Chevy Camaro, some believe that it is based on its model. […]

Next year market might be the year for pick-up truck. There are many companies that will release pick-up truck for the next market. One of the companies that will also release pick-up truck is Mitsubishi. This company has been known […]

This year, RAM will release the most spectacular pick-up truck. It introduces 2018 RAM Rebel TRX. With more spectacular body shape, it will have great capability for off-road. For adventurers, it must be perfect car for you. So, what’s on […]

UTE vehicle is one of the stylish cars which has unique body. Although it has cargo, it is different from pick-up truck. UTE vehicle has a cargo tray that integrated with passenger body in the rear while pickup truck’s cargo […]

While people are getting hyped up, there is another brand that is rising to popularity. One of the lineups that are rising to the ground with their impressive lineup is RAM 1200. RAM 1200 is a series of the pickup […]

The pickup truck has been a popular model of car lately. It is because people love to have single ride while carrying their stuff in the towing box or going on Off-Road ride instead. Many automakers are jumping into this […]

As 2018 is getting nearer and many automakers are making their ways to introduce their leading vehicle line up to be the most trendy ones in 2018. One of the well-known automakers that do not want to be left out […]

If we talk about top rank heavy-duty pickup trucks, then the name of Super-Duty will come up right away, whether it is F-250, F-350, or F450. As its name of super duty, this Ford truck model is the best in […]

When looking for a heavy-duty pickup truck, then most of the pickup fans will put their choice on Ram. Not only offering hauling and towing capability, Ram pickup also catches our attention for its balance style though still keeping its […]

For each year, the model of cars surely will be improved following the trend. It will be designed more exclusive and several advanced technologies will be equipped to give better performance. For the 2018 models, Audi has prepared and introduced […]