Used Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Review

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Used Dodge Power Wagon 2015 would be a great choice for those of you who want to buy an old pickup truck. I know that it would be better to buy a new one. But when it comes to business, you should think about the money that you spent and the things that you earn. So, buying a used truck is an excellent choice as long as you can pick the best one. The thing is, some people couldn’t find the best-used truck and they ended up with regret. They lost the money and they got under-performance truck. Now, we will offer you great truck with decent price.

Dodge Power Wagon was an excellent brand of truck in 2015. This truck was also chosen as the Truck of the Year due to its performance on the street. Plus, the name of Dodge is famous as a truck manufactures that produce heavy duty vehicle. So, there is a reason why the used Dodge Power Wagon 2015 should be on your list when you want to buy used heavy duty truck. Here is a brief review about the Dodge Power Wagon that made the debut in 2015.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015 Highlight

First of all, it has 6-speed automatic transmission that paired with 4-wheel Drive system to give you advantages in all terrains and thanks to its V8-Cyl HEMI engine that would produce at least 410 horsepower. But for the diesel die-hard fans, you might be disappointed because Dodge Power Wagon is not available in diesel engine. All of the trim levels use gasoline engine which is actually not too good for the environment. But, when it comes to the gas mileage rating, this truck is still on the average level of fuel economy. It means that you should not think about the gas consumption on the long fleet.

The truck offers 6 seats with great cabin. We know that sometimes truck is not convenient for the passengers. But it is different with the used that offers luxurious interior design. It also has great interior and entertainment features for the passengers. It is not surprising that this truck was chosen as the Truck of the Year 2015 because it is not just a truck, but it is also a family friendly vehicle for the daily commute. That’s why Dodge Power Wagon still becomes one of the most favorite pickup trucks in the market.

Dodge Power Wagon 2015

Trim Levels

There are two options for those of you who want to buy used Dodge Power Wagon 2015. On its debut, this truck was available in two models. You can choose the base model, which has certain code; Regular Cab or you can choose another trim level; Crew Cab. Both of the trim levels have the same engine and specs. The difference is on the bed truck. All Dodge Power Wagon Regular Cab has 8.2-feet bed. Meanwhile, the Crew Cab was available on 6.4-feet and 8.2-feet bed. That what makes these trucks different.